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Survivor Resources
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Veteran and Military Family Resources

"What Has Changed" Flyer for Veterans and their Families

Federal Issue Briefing On Veterans and Family Safety

Veterans and Family Safety Overview

Online Resources

Army Well-Being – information and resources specific to individuals serving in the Army and their families.

Black Military World – provides a daily source of news, information, history, and a variety of other information to interested viewers, both military and civilian individuals.

Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans – a national non-partisan partnership of organizations committed to working with and on behalf of all military, veterans, families, survivors and providers to strengthen the existing system of care and support.

The Coming Home Project – a nonprofit organization devoted to providing compassionate care, support and stress management tools for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families.

CommunityOfVeterans.org – an initiative of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America that connects veterans.

“Courage After Fire” – a book that provides coping strategies for troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families.

Give an Hour – a nonprofit organization that gives free mental health services to U.S. military personnel and families affected by the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Grace After Fire – an online resource of women helping women to cope with the challenges of readjustment and heal from addiction, alcoholism, depression, relationship troubles, and the hidden effects of post traumatic stress, military sexual trauma, and more.

Helmets to Hardhats – a national nonprofit that links military veterans with jobs in the construction industry.

Hire Heroes USA – a job placement nonprofit for veterans.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America – is a national group dedicated to the troops and veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Marine Parents – a place for parents of Marines to connect and share.

Mental Health Self-Assessment Program – a mental health and alcohol screening and referral program provided for military families and service members affected by deployment and mobilization.

Military.com – an online comprehensive military resource.

Military Family Network – works with community organizations, local governments and businesses- networking them together as one.

Military Home Front – Department of Defense website for official Military Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) program information, policy and guidance designed to help troops and their families, leaders, and service providers.

Military One Source – a one-stop-shop developed by the Department of Defense for active duty, Guard and Reserve and their families.

National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a part of the VA that works to advance the clinical care and social welfare of America's veterans.

  • “Returning from the Warzone” – a guide for military families which discusses common reactions to war, experiences military families commonly share, warning signs of PTSD, and coping with the transition.

National Veterans Foundation – an online resource to provide assistance to homeless veterans.

Operation Homefront Operation Vets – a non-partisan organization that was created to serve as a support network for providing reintegration support and education to military veterans, their families and civilian supporters.

Pathway Home – a residential recovery program specifically created for, and dedicated to serve, veterans of the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Patriot Guard Riders – a diverse amalgamation of motorcycle riders from across the nation who come together because of their unwavering respect for those who served in the military.

Program for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Studies – a specialized program within Weill Cornell Medical College's Department of Psychiatry that has implemented a number of research-based clinical interventions designed for military veterans suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders.

PTSD Alliance – "Vets Helping Vets": working with all people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, including military veterans.

PTSD HelpNet – a practical guide and resource for the Troops, Vets, and their families, who are affected by PTSD.

Soldiers Angels – a volunteer-led nonprofit that provides support to all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces through special projects.

Strong Bonds – programs for soldiers and their loved ones committed to the restoration and preservation of Army families. Instills relationship-building skills, and connects them to community health and support resources.

Student Veterans – a coalition of student veterans groups from college campuses across the United States.

Supportyourvet.org – addresses the needs and issues surrounding friends and family of veterans.

Swords-to-Plowshares – a community-based, nonprofit organization that provides counseling and case management, employment and training, housing, and legal assistance to more than 1500 homeless and low-income veterans annually in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

T.A.P.S – a national organization providing comfort and care 24/7 through comprehensive services and programs including peer-based emotional support, case work assistance, crisis intervention and grief and trauma resources.

United We Serve – an organization that facilitates volunteers to support the military community and families before, during and after deployment.

VA Office of Mental Health Services – serves veterans, their family members, mental health clinicians, VA staff, affiliated mental health associations and the community, providing information about mental health conditions and services.

Vet2VetUSA.org – a consumer/provider partnership program that utilizes veterans in recovery in a peer-counseling capacity to help other veterans.

Vet Centers – small community organizations managed by the VA and dedicated to providing counseling for combat veterans from combat veterans.

  • Call toll free during normal business hours: (Eastern) 1-800-905-4675, OR (Pacific) 1-866-496-8838 – provides a mix of counseling and resources for other programs outside of a medical facility and with the support of other returned veterans. Call to find the location nearest you.

Veterans and Families – a national nonprofit community service and support organization for veterans and their families.

Veterans Health Council – an education and advocacy group focused on improving the health of veterans.

Vets 4 Vets – a non-partisan veteran organization dedicated to helping veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts by building self-esteem and supporting the healing process. Addresses any negative aspects of service and war through the use of peer support.

Vietnam Veterans of America – a national nonprofit veterans’ service organization, congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families.

Wounded Warrior Project – an organization dedicated to honoring and empowering wounded warriors.

Helpline Resources

Alcohol and Drug Helpline

  • 800-821-4357

Military Chaplain Associated Services – a readjustment resource for veterans of the current conflicts

Military OneSource – a 24/7 resource for military members, spouses, and families.

  • 800-342-9647

SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

  • 800-662-HELP (4357)

SAMHSA's National Mental Health Information Center

  • 800-789-2647

Veterans Special Issue Helpline

  • 800-749-8387 (Agent Orange/Persian Gulf War), 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Veterans Suicide Prevention Hotline – free, 24/7 access to trained counselors for veterans in emotional crisis.

  • 800-273-TALK (8255), Veterans Press 1

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